Size1: Size2: Rim Size:
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for ST185/80D13
Size1=185, Size2=80, Rim Size=13
for 5.70-8
Size1= 5.70, Size2=All, Rim Size=8

About Trailer Tires for Boats & More

Our staff knows that all the sizes, load ratings and brand choices can be difficult to understand, which is why we employ knowledgeable employees with a background in the trailer tires business to help you make a tire choice that is right for your trailer. Feel free to give us a call at 1-888-590-6793 and we'll be happy to help you select the trailer tires that will keep you rolling!

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Factors to consider when selecting trailer tires

How much weight you are hauling

Remember to consider not only the weight of your load, but also the actual weight of the trailer. Divide the total loaded weight by the # of trailer tires. Once your calculation is complete, you should look for tires that exceed the maximum weight of this number.

Trailer tires are rated for a maximum amount of weight that can be transported at maximum air pressure. For example, if your maximum load is 4,000 lbs (including the weight of the trailer) and your trailer only has two trailer tires, the tire needed must exceed 2,000 lbs of load carrying capacity per tire in order to be sufficient.

The load rating of your trailer tires.

Most trailer tire sizes come in several load ranges including LRB (4 ply rated), LRC (6 ply rated), LRD (8 ply rated), LRE (10 ply rated), and LRF (12 ply rated). The heavier Load Ranges will offer greater load carrying capacity, but will offer a stiffer ride and most certainly a steeper price tag.

Trailer tire wheel load capacity

Make sure that the wheel (rim) used with your trailer tires has an equal or greater load carrying capacity to the tire. Selecting a wheel based on price is not always a good choice. Selecting a wheel that offers greater load capacity than the tire is a much safer choice!