9 inch Trailer Tires

9 inch trailer tires can be hard to find, but we have three brands in five sizes for you to choose from, so you can replace your tires - not your trailer.

Carlisle USA Trail
USA Trail (9 inch)
Duro trailer tire HF219
Towmaster ST trailer tire

SKU Name Price Qty Add
093640936C1L  Kenda K364 Loadstar Tire - Size: 6.90-9 (Ply:6) TL $59.52
35-21909-600C-TT  Duro HF219 High Speed Tire - Size: 6.00-9 (Ply:6) TT $76.67
35-21909-600E-TTF  Duro HF219 High Speed Tire - Size: 6.00-9 (Ply:10) TT $88.84
T0914  GBC TowMaster ST Bias Tire - Size: 6.00-9 (Ply:C) TL $67.20
519-572  Carlisle USA Trail Tire - Size: 6.90-9 (Ply:C) TL $60.06
Note: Tires marked with TT are tube type tires. The tube recommend for the tire will appear in the cart when you add the tire