Size1: Size2: Rim Size:
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for ST185/80D13
Size1=185, Size2=80, Rim Size=13
for 5.70-8
Size1= 5.70, Size2=All, Rim Size=8

Carlisle Trailer Tires

Carlisle Tire is a USA-based company with strong brand recognition that makes superior trailer tires. Carlisle trailer tires are known for their quality, performance and value. Orders placed for Carlisle trailer tires will be shipped the same day if ordered by 3pm CST.

We get asked each day for trailer tires that are made in the USA. Unfortunately your choices are very limited. We're not aware of any radials still made here in the States, but a great bias constructed tire that has been around for numerous years is the Carlisle USA Trail. This is actually one of our best sellers.

Since we actually sell and inventory all tires available on our site, we also deal with all warranty issues that arise. Carlisle trailer tires have very few tire failures. In fact, the issues we see most often is under-inflating, overloading with weight or a combination of both as reasons for failure. We've sold almost every brand of trailer tires available, and the failure rate of Carlisle is at the low end of the spectrum.

What are the best selling Carlisle Trailer Tires?

The Sport Trail tire is Carlisle's most economical and best selling trailer tire offering. Many small utility type trailers use the 4.80-8 size in either a load range B or C. The Sport Trail is a great choice for this trailer type. It is a another rugged bias trailer tire that takes a beating and keeps hauling the load!

What about Carlisle's radial line-up? The popular Radial Trail line has been discontinued and replaced by the new Radial Trail RH. This new tire offers DuraTrail Technology that incorporates high strength steel belts with micro-fiber reinforcements while also offering Heat Shield technology. Remember that trailer tire failure comes from heat build-up. This new technology of the Radial Trail RH helps ensure better tire longevity through the introduction of a compound in the RH that is made from heat resistant polymers.

We stock all Carlisle Trailer Tires listed on our site. This is not the case with all online merchants! Remember that we ship all orders placed prior to 3:00 CST when placed Monday-Friday.