Cool Custom Motorcycle Trailers

I stumbled across the website for Get Lost Trailers LLC today, and discovered a treasure trove of imaginative ways people have engineered their own pull behind trailers for their bikes. I couldn’t not share these gems.

Check out this Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrel someone converted into a motorcycle trailer. I’d like to see the inside of this little rig and see if it has built-in compartments (or if it’s full of booze).

Jack Daniels barrel trailer - custom motorcycle trailer

Some people spare no expense when it comes to their motorcycles. This guy is riding in style, and his modern racecar trailer is no exception.

Futuristic racecar motorcycle trailer

This one just cracks me up. Nothing screams “Look at me!!!” like pulling a hearse behind your bike. And amazingly, lots more people have done this. Look at all of them.

Coffin converted into a motorcycle trailer

This one might be my favorite. I found it on the ADVRider forums here, along with instructions for how he built it. It’s a single wheel travel trailer made for pulling behind a scooter.

single wheel scooter trailer

Have a cool custom motorcycle trailer of your own? Email it to and we’ll put it in a gallery on our blog!