Causes of cracked trailer tires

If you have been using the same set of trailer tires for 3 or more years, it is likely they are beginning to show wear. Cracks can form in the tread or sidewall, which can be quite dangerous. These cracks are caused my a number of different things:

  • Infrequent use – trailer tires that remained parked for long periods, especially when exposed to sun and wind, are susceptible to dry rot.
  • Breakdown of the rubber – this can occur when your tires come in contact with chemicals. Sometimes these chemicals have been applied to roads purposely, and other times they are driven through or parked in accidentally. Normal wear and tear from contact with asphalt, gravel or ice will also break down the rubber.
  • Armor All – petroleum-based tire protectants can accelerate cracking, and using them on your tires will also void the manufacturer warranty.

Evaluate your trailer tires regularly and educate yourself on proper tire care. If the normal 4-year warranty is up, you are best to just replace them altogether.